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  • 2.0cbm Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck
2.0cbm Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck

2.0cbm Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck

The advantage of our Automatic Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Ⅰ. Working System:

1. 0.6m³ bucket is our standard type to have high working efficiency;

2. It has a input & output chute with a large wide mouth and a large hatch. No matter feed material or discharge material, it has high efficiency.

3. Large volume of drum with the Q495 Steel material to keep the drum having high strengthen and roughness;

4. Special oil cylinder, The thickened chromium coating and special seal element. Not only keep sealing but also extend the lifetime of oil cylinder;

5. Reinforced swing arm, support of drum, and revolving platform to keep the stability of working system. And also keep the working lifetime of working system.

Ⅱ. Power System

1. Famous brand engines, YUCHAI, XICHAI, YUNNEI and so on. We can customize for you. Reliable quality and powerful power.

2. High efficient cooling system to keep the machine working very well under high temperature environment.

3. Double layers of air filter structure with a safe filter element to keep the air clean when the air enter into engine. We suggest you clean the filter element per week when you use the machine and change the double layers of filter element per 500 hours;

Ⅲ. Driving System

1. Gear box and Torque device is integrated design. We can have the shorter wheelbase so that reduce the turning semi-diameter and adapt by more complicated working environment. Meanwhile, with the double high-low speed configuration of the wheel-loader, we equip the exact power of the engine. Improve the fuel consumption and reduce the cost.

2. Separable gearbox, better cooling system, and convenient care and maintenance. Separable gearbox also has the high-low speed configuration of wheel-loader.

3. Special axle, We adopt 40 Cr for the planetary reduction gearbox. And do the tempering and hardening treatment. The lifetime of gear ring is 5 times than the normal one. The reduction gearbox with big tire edge, output bigger torque and has better gradeability.

4. Both front axle and rear axle are disc braking system, bigger type brake caliper. With these both disc brake system and brake caliper to keep the whole machine have efficient brake and improve the security data.

5. All of models of brake system are air brake structure, so the braking efficiency is better.

6. For the single structure configuration, we equip the low pressure OTR. It has high loading weight ability. The deep tread pattern can offer bigger force of friction. High gradeability. The tire pressure has 6 standard atmosphere pressure. The standard configuration of all of vehicles is single tire configuration.

7. Double-tire structure are used on the highway. This structure can enlarge the projected area to make the truck body more stable while the truck is working. Meanwhile, This structure can make the truck lower noise, less shaking while the truck is on the way. There are 10 standard atmosphere pressure. We can customize for you;

Ⅳ. Hydraulic System

1. For all the trucks, there are 3 hydraulic pump systems. The left one system is coaxial string double pumps. One pump rotates drum and the other one supply other working system. The right pump system is walking hydraulic pump and offer the power for the guide system.

2. Three single pumps structure so that the whole hydraulic system works separable;

3. Drive motor and reduction: Famous brands, reliable quality, the rotation speed is 16-18 rpm to confirm the concrete is mixed very well. Customers can customize the hydraulic pump;

4. Single Chip Valve: This valve only controls the rotation of drum so that other motivation can’t influence on the rotation of drum;

5. The working system of the whole truck is controlled by guide system. More labor-saving and reduce the labors’ labour intensity;

6. The cooling system of hydraulic oil has electric fan which have better cooling effects. Extend the hydraulic oil’s using time and reduce the cost for customers;

7. Thanks to the double filter system in hydraulic system, the hydraulic system can keep clean. So that extend the lifetime of hydraulic pump, valve and motor;

8. Organized tubes are not only beautiful but also easy to maintain;

Ⅴ. Cabin

1. The cabin is fixed in the front of truck. Good view and return to the platform to rotate. So the whole working procedure is safer. This cabin can be customized. Bigger space and more comfortable;

2. All of trucks are equipped the luxurious driving seats. The drive can adjust six directions for more comfortable driving;

Ⅵ. Other Equipment

1. Electric water pump with large discharge capacity, simple structure, more convenient operation(Just push the button in the cabin), and easy to maintain. Can suck 150L per min, improve the working efficiency;

2. Hydraulic Water Pump: High working efficiency, fulfill the water tank just in 2 mins. And also equipped with the high pressure cleaning machine;

3. We can customize the time relay for you which control the time of fulfilling precisely

4. Equipped with the reverse camera system improve the security data;

5. For some trucks are equipped with the electric fuel and injection pump. Can suck the oil from oil bucket directly. Help the people who live in route place without gas station;

6. Unique hoisting hydraulic jacking device for engine hood which can be easy to lift the engine cover and convenient to care and maintain the engine. 

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